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We're a Central Iowa folk-rock band that plays a broad range of Americana roots classics and contemporary rock. From The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty to The Decemberists and The Lumineers, our music brings generations together at wineries, weddings, and your favorite watering hole.
Let us entertain you, and remember how to feel. 

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Based in Ames, IA
Founded in 2008
Genre: Americana Roots & Contemporary Rock 
Del Schmidt – Vocals & Guitar
Joe Brekke – Vocals & Guitar
James Webb - Bass & Vocals
Larry "Red" Stoltenberg -
                          Lead Guitar
Tony Stevens - Percussion
Lisa Webb - Sound Engineer, Vocals
Del Schmidt and Larry “Red” Stoltenberg met as ISU students in the early 1980s and have been rockin' the folk out of the Central Iowa music scene for four decades in bands such as Redz Band, The Mooncats, and Mother Dugan. Tony Stevens is an award-winning percussion instructor from a Southern California family steeped in musical performance. On stage since age 15, Tony has pounded out rock, pop, gospel, jazz, and Afro-Cuban beats with various bands across the country. Another California native, James Webb is a regular studio musician who met his wife, Lisa, at music school in Kansas. They perform together as "Coffee Shop Romance." Joe Brekke started singing with Home Brew in Decorah, Iowa, before moving to California and performing regularly at The Tavern in San Luis Obispo with Yard Sale. Together, when we make these good vibrations, we’re Stranger Than Fiction.

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